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Attract New Prospects & Grow Your Sales In 4 Weeks


In This Powerful Four WeekProgram, You will Learn To Embody 
 Everything You Need To Succeed In Your Direct Sales Business!

Are any of these true about you?

  • YOU are wishing you could avoid chasing your own tail.
  • YOU are having a hard time staying on-track because life happens.
  • ​YOU are wanting to achieve more than what you’re currently achieving.
  • ​YOU are struggling with do-nothing syndrome, procrastination & perfectionism and just want to make progress!
  • ​YOU wish it could be easier to find paying clients
  • ​YOU want to make more sales but can't seem to bust through to the level you want

What if you could make yourself magnetic to your customer?


Means You will Learn And Embody Everything You Need To Succeed YOUR WAY!


You feel overwhelmed, unfocused and unsure when it comes to the right next steps to build your sales & team...

You've tried all the mindset, networking & flat out business strategies from the "masters" and they just aren't working...

You've been trying to reach your sales goals for a while now but no matter what you do you're left chasing your tail...

You know you'll be successful if only  you could catch a break and figure out how to get off the merry-go-round.

If you resonated and found yourself saying “YES” to any of these statements, keep reading because this may be the most important offer you will ever get!

What Do Clients Get Out Of Working With Me?



  • 15 Minute One-On-One Quick Start Consulting Call With Donnalynn (Value: $150.00)
  • FOUR "MASTER YOUR MAGNETIC RELATIONSHIP MARKETING BLUEPRINT"  Group Training Calls With Donnalynn (Value: $2,500.00)
  • FOUR LIVE Question & Answer Sessions (Value: $400.00)
  • FOUR Business Energy Mastery Sessions (Value: $800.00)
  • All coaching sessions will be recorded and available to you 24/7 ($1000)
  • Exclusive Private Community where you can get the support, camaraderie and community you need ($650)
  • BONUS: Progress Measurement Tools to raise awareness & keep you on-track ($475)
  • BONUS: Recorded Guided Exercises GALORE!!

To Easy 
Leads & Sales 

Start with booking your Quick Start Session and follow with four weeks of lessons, question and answer sessions & business energy mastery sessions (so you know how to get the most out of your efforts). All the sessions are live with me but, they will be recorded so you have full access 24/7. Join the Private Community to link arms with your cohort members and feel supported throughoiut the program. Plus, stay on track with measurement tools and recorded exercises. I will be there with you throughout your progress! 

The Unstoppable Confidence FastTrack!

The Unstoppable Confidence FastTrack!

When you purchase the year of Laser Focus Coaching, you will also have access to the Unstoppable Confidence FastTrack training!!



Yes! if during our 15-minute Quick Start Session either of us don’t feel this is a good fit, I will refund your investment or apply it to another program.
Many times people are aware that they have a problem but they do not have "true awareness". True awareness comes from knowing yourself so well that your inner self recognizes the signals your body & your brain sending out to light up the way. Only with true awareness can stop falling victim to your blind spots and  start directing your life .
Accurate assessment  of any situation is a huge key to figuring the right course of action to pursue. Accuracy can not be without heightened awareness. 

Most problems in business boil down to having skipped this step and tried to go straight from - "I have a problem" to "Fix It Now!"
Adapting is really different from merely taking action. Adapting implies that you fully understand the new circumstances of you situation. It is super important because if you simply take action, you have to go through a lot of trouble every time ther is an issue in your business. But if you learn to adapt, then you are on a whole new level of business.

Others Have Gone Before You. 
Check out the transformative results they found inside the program:

“Thank you so much for your time during this program! I'm very glad I took a chance on this program because of how effective it was. Before the program I felt very grateful for where I was in life, how much I'd accomplished, the things I have, my knowledge, intuition, etc. and I went into it mostly out of curiosity. What I didn't realize is how much a coach can help me improve. I've always looked to myself to make improvements and it was a breath of fresh air to have an outside support and have so much positivity and progress, and in such a short amount of time. I really appreciate you meeting me where I was and getting me to a better place.”
~Sarah G.
“This program got me to the point I needed to be to get to where I am going. One thing to add is that I didn't realize how big of an impact this program would have outside my business. I have better relationships, can efficiently overcome negative energies, I learned about my set point and I have raised my set point and can now get back to it more quickly when I fall a bit, and I think that I'm a little better at seeing things for what they are and observing without having them impact my emotions. Another thing that hasn't been mentioned is that I feel that I'm more able to bring the things I want and need into my life more easily.”
~Tony P.
“People have described me as "peppy", "happy go lucky", "easy-going" and I suppose that is true, however, I could also get stuck in ruts for days or even weeks at a time. Because of this program I've become aware of how my surroundings and people could impact that "peppy" nature and cause it to spiral downward. I was very stuck on the roller coaster of having highs and lows but for the past few weeks I have not felt the highs and lows- I am more even-tempered, consistent, aware, and open to giving and receiving because I know how to protect myself from outside energies. I've seen that this has made me more content, able, efficient, and productive- both in business and in handling life and people. I feel that I've gained some patience as well. I've always had patience, but I might have a little more now. Patience and positivity is a great recipe for gratitude.”
~Molly H.
“I've accomplished things during this program that were not goals when I started but have helped my business and personal life in many ways. One is that I enjoy work much more than I did before. Work seems to be more natural and creative- overall, more enjoyable and less stressful. The second thing that this program helped me with is finding more confidence when speaking and interacting with others in business (and in personal relationships) by creating distance between myself and others and also myself and my emotions. Overall, I feel more capable and have more of a capacity to help others because I can more efficiently take care of myself.”
~Vicki B.
“I made more sales than I thought was possible during this program. They were larger sales than I thought possible too. I feel that moving forward I am capable of continuing this trend.”
~Toni T.
“Becoming more comfortable with prospecting. I feel that I'm enjoying my work more and have less anxiety around meeting with clients.”
~Renee L.
“I'm not as anxious when speaking about a product with a client. I speak more matter of factly and this has helped tremendously with how much effort a sales takes. It has lessened the effort.”
~Lisa D.
“I’m Inspired by momentum in my business. Also, I'm inspired by keeping track of my numbers. I enjoy using the techniques that Donnalynn teaches- they help.”
~TeeTee F.
“My totals went from $260 to $575! That really shows me that I'm growing and exponentially and that feels quite exhilarating!”
~Josh L.
“It feels like momentum is building and I feel a sense of possibility around being able to provide a livable income through my business. Even the sense of being hopeful about that is a shift! Up until the last couple weeks it has felt quite far away but now it feels like within two or three months I could double my current income.”
~Karen N
“I'm more patient and consistent which create a good atmosphere where I can be myself, connect with people who are like minded, and do best by my clients. It’s MUCH easier to make a sale now. I feel this way mostly because I enjoy it more and am less stressed. I am more inspired”
~Nancy M.
“My income has increased during this program.”
Joni R.
“Due to this program and the fact that there was an end of the year "push", I've had more sales. The "push" to reach my year end goals would have created more sales on its own, however, I don't think I could have reached those year end goals without this program.”
~Cathy G.
“I generated 2 new client leads in my group from 2 consecutive posts that I wrote!"
~Bonnie R.
“I can accomplish my goals more easily and naturally now”
~Chris T.
“Getting better with consistency.”
~Jessica N.
“I feel much more comfortable talking with customers and prospects. I feel far less intimidated than I did previously.”
~Emily O.
“It's starting to feel good to be consistent. It used to feel like a burden, arduous. Now it feels good, like there's energy of momentum carrying me forward.”
~Liz L.
“I feel that consistent is a good thing to be. It no longer feels overwhelming to try and be consistent, or trapping or like chasing perfection.”
~Susan W.
“I am feeling more loving and less intimidated or intrusive. More like a problem-solver.”
~Rebecca C.
“I made more sales than I thought was possible during this program. They were larger sales than I thought possible too. I feel that moving forward I am capable of continuing this trend.”
Anna J.
“I had a few big wins during this program. The most prominent were raising my set point and creating space between myself and others. This space has become helpful with my business, personal relationships, and I'm still testing this, but it seems to be helping my dog overcome his reactivity with other dogs.”
~Bri B.
“I'm getting better at being consistent.”
~Darci F.
“I am becoming more confident and caring towards customers.”
~Ashley B.
“I transitioned a free lead to a client eager to pay me in just one week! I also had two new clients within 3 days of each other at my office.”
~Megan S.
Donnalynn Riley

Licensed Spiritual Health Coach


Donnalynn Riley, Mindset Coach & LSHC, launched her first online business in 2000. Since then her business experience has been vast. Working her way up through sales and marketing through management to become the CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation. Her tenure there included increasing the gross sales by 700%.

Donnalynn currently offers individual and group coaching for direct sellers, independent salespeople and network marketers. Her programs specialize in uniting business goals with productive mindset practices creating consciousness and authentic  progress for better long-term results.




Do I really get 4 weeks of coaching?
Yes, we will meet twice a week. Ince for training and Q&A and a second time to learn & practice the tools together. By the end of the program you will not only have benefited from the program, you will also have the tools I taught you to carry into your future.
What if another program is better for me?
You have a FREE BONUS Quick Start session to help make you feel confident in this being the best choice for you! You’re first session is a 15-minute Quick-Start Session so we can get to know each other better. If we decide together that another program is a better choice for you, then I will apply what you invested to that new program. 
Do I have an unconditional guarantee? 
Yes, if during our 15-minute Quick Start Session either of us don’t feel this is a good fit, I will refund your investment or apply it to another program.
What if I don’t know what my goals are? 
That’s okay, because the work we do is internal, it gets to the core of you. You will find HUGE benefit & clarity even if you can't name your goals yet!
What if I still don’t feel confident in what my goals are? OR worry there are better ones?
The Quick Start Session will solve this. I will help you come up with your “Core Focus Area”. This way we are both clear on what you are working towards, I’ll know how to best way to support you and it will be easy for us to stay on course to YOUR BEST RESULTS!
What if I want to work with you for individual coaching sessions too?
Members of my programs receive a huge discount on full length individual coaching sessions.  I am always here to serve you in the best way possible.
Can I have a discount?
Yes. Congrats! Not only is the Magnetic Relationship Marketing only available to a limited number of clients, but for a limited time it is available at this price. When the offer ends, I don't know when it will available again but I can guarantee that it will never be available for this price again. Best of all, the affiliate program provides an opportunity to cover the cost of your training and much more. Reach out to me via email to find out more.
Will 4-weeks be enough time to make a difference in my goals? 
Yes! One of the enormous benefits of doing this work is that no matter where you are, you are always able to make progress. You will be surprised how quickly you will see the changes take place in your customer relationships, your sales and your income.
Will the program be overwhelming?
No. The work that we do together is meant to make business easier and more efficient. So that is exactly what the program is. As you become willing to shift your focus, to spend a little time each day in these new ways, you will find that everything you are striving for and sometimes struggling with will get easier and require a lot less time and effort.
Is there an Affiliate Program?
Yes. There is a generous affiliate program available. Please contact me directly to see if it is a good fit for you.
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